Apollo Ghost Vs Zero Tenx – Scooter Review 2022

This Apollo Ghost Vs Zero Tenx – Scooter Review focuses on the differences between these two scooters. This article will discuss the braking performance of both, the incline capability of both, and their price. We’ll also discuss the mileage each scooter provides for the money you pay for them. And of course, we’ll also look at how each scooter performs over time.

Braking performance

The braking performance of the Apollo Ghost is impressive, despite being a bit more modest than the Zero 10x’s. The Ghost is capable of braking from fifteen mph to twenty kilometers per hour, with a stopping distance of 3.2 metres. However, this does not mean that it is a better choice for fast riders. This type of scooter does require a helmet.

The Apollo Ghost has a large, spacious deck, a hollow aluminium frame, and fenders for increased durability. While it is heavier than most scooters, it still folds easily, weighing just 64 pounds. The Ghost’s seat is easily adjustable, and the wheels are made of high-quality plastic. The lights, although low-mounted and opaque, perform as expected.

Maximum incline capability

The incline capability of the Apollo Ghost is not as impressive as the one of the Zero 10x, but that’s not the only difference between these two models. Both models use dual spring suspension and cushion-like tires. The Apollo Ghost is even more durable with its forged aluminum frame. It has a sturdy design and can handle moderate terrain without wobbling. The rust-proof finish of the frame helps it last longer.

The Ghost is not as impressive on inclines as it is on flat surfaces, but it is fast. It can go up a steep incline of 200 feet in 5.3 seconds, which is comparable to the Ghost’s performance. While the Ghost doesn’t have the largest deck in the market, it has a generous base area that’s a boon for larger riders.


There are several differences between the Apollo Ghost and the Zero 10x, but both scooters have similar features. The Ghost has a wide, comfortable deck, a hollow aluminum frame, and added fenders for durability. Although it weighs more than the Zero 10x, the Ghost still folds up completely for storage. Its two-speed motor supports up to 135 kg. Both models have dual-spring suspension for a comfortable ride.

While the Zero 10X is renowned for its fast acceleration, the Ghost has better braking performance. The bike comes with hydraulic brakes and regenerative hand braking, which decelerates it smoothly and recharges its battery. Both scooters are capable of stopping in less than half a mile. It is also easy to park and move around with one of these bikes. Despite its price, the Ghost is a great option for commuters and families alike.

Mileage to price

In our comparison of mileage to price, the Apollo Ghost comes out ahead. While the Zero 10X’s battery is only 946Wh, the Ghost’s is bigger and offers more range. However, the more expensive Mantis 8 Pro has a much larger battery. Ultimately, the Ghost is the better choice for riders looking for a good real-world range and best price-performance ratio.

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