Apollo Ghost Review – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

The Ghost was designed for speed and acceleration addicts. Its folding handlebars and telescopic handlebars give riders the chance to easily ride anywhere without worry of falling off. Its compact frame and lightweight frame make it ideal for urban use. It also features a patented suspension system for better control over speed. We’ve compared the Ghost with several other scooters to find out which model is the best.


When it comes to folding handlebars, the ‘Phantom’ Apollo Ghost does not disappoint. Its ergonomic flat-palm grip and key-lock fender are great. The front fender is particularly unprotected against water spray. The design relies on a front suspension system, but this is not effective enough. The Ghost’s handlebars are also susceptible to dirt and water damage.


The ‘City’ for Apollo Ghost and the popular Apollo Scooter can fold to fit into most car trunks. They are also compact enough to fit into hallways, elevators, and tight doors. Unfortunately, they lack some of the most important features, such as built-in security or a key ignition system. In addition, there is no support for the seat, which may be a concern for those who use scooters for short commutes.


In this ‘Spooky’ Apollo Ghost review, we’ll cover the features that make this scooter stand out from the rest. The Ghost has a unique kickplate that locks into place, and the handles lock into place as well. In short, the Ghost comes mostly ready to ride. However, we’d like to know more about the Ghost’s handling. We’ll discuss what we found to be its greatest weakness and its best features.

Folding handlebars

The folding handlebars on the new Apollo Ghost scooter make boarding the bike even easier. Unlike its predecessor, this scooter features a center kickstand and is therefore more convenient for stepping off. The company offers a one-year warranty and free shipping within the continental US and Canada. The company is also known for providing customer service over the phone and through their website, and they have multiple locations around the country.


The new Apollo Ghost was announced just days before Halloween, which seemed appropriate given the skeleton-like construction of the scooter. It has a robust battery and record 600 charge cycles, but this is no reason to sacrifice performance. You can easily charge your Ghost three times a week, and it will remain at its full capacity for nearly four years. And, if you want to upgrade your scooter’s battery, you can do so for a low cost.

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