Apollo Explore Vs Emove Cruiser – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Explore vs Emove Cruiser review, we will discuss both models in detail. Both scooters offer excellent quality, although both have their own flaws. One of the most glaring problems of the Explore is that its front wheel is crooked. Another issue is the fenders, which are too shaky and can easily break apart.


When comparing the features of two electric scooters, the Phantom of the Apollo Explore is the clear winner. With an impressive list of features, this scooter is capable of completing a range of tasks. It also includes a built-in stereo, a mute level knob, and a high-quality, reliable battery. But is it really better than its competition? Let’s take a closer look at this sci-fi-themed e-scooter.


If you’re looking for an electric scooter with an extra-long warranty, the Apollo Explore may be the scooter for you. It can reach speeds of up to 31 mph and accelerates from zero to 25 mph in under five seconds. While not the fastest scooter on the market, the Explore offers premium performance at an affordable price. However, it is too heavy and bulky for frequent subway rides or escalating stairs. In addition, it doesn’t offer much in terms of range, but it’s still better than the Emove Cruiser and a lot cheaper.

Phantom has a built-in 1000 Lumen headlight

Both the Apollo Explore and the Emove Cruiser Phantom feature an oversized, built-in headlight that has a 2,500-Kelvin color temperature. These headlights also have fenders that keep them dry. While the Emove has a larger headlight, the Apollo features a built-in 1000 Lumen headlight.

Explore has dual 800-watt motors

The Apollo Explore is a premium commuter scooter, offering the perfect balance between everyday commuting and weekend fun. The Explore is slightly more powerful than the City, but is still ideal for riders who plan on covering longer distances and want a single scooter to serve both commuting and recreation needs. It was voted the #1 Single-Motor Electric Scooter in the 2020 Electric-Scooter Guide.

Touring has pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tyres on an Apollo scooter are one of the most important characteristics, particularly on slippery surfaces. They mold to the surface better than solid rubber tires, and they are less prone to punctures. However, this benefit may be offset by the increased cost of air-filled tires. Still, if stability is important, pneumatic tires are a good choice. This scooter comes with 10″ pneumatic tires for optimal stability.

Explore has dual spring suspension

The Apollo Explore is the most popular model. Its design is sturdy and solid, and the forged aluminum frame makes it surprisingly lightweight. It has an ample deck surface and a steady folding mechanism, as well as dual suspension and air-filled tires. Unlike its competition, the Explore has dual spring suspension, which helps it remain quiet and stable even after a long ride. The company’s team of highly knowledgeable scooter engineers also provides excellent customer support via live chat.

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