Apollo Electric Scooter Review 2022

There are several things to consider when buying an electric scooter. This article will cover price, features, performance and battery life. You can also find out which models offer great value for money. Ultimately, you should choose an electric scooter based on its features. If you are looking for the perfect ride for a low price, consider the Apollo Electric Scooter. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each model.


The price of Apollo Electric Scooter 2022 is not cheap, but it is definitely worth the money. This scooter is equipped with a dual 1000W motor, making it appropriate for carrying up to 330 pounds and climbing up to 40 degrees. There are also lower-priced models, such as the Apollo Light. The latter is an entry-level version of the Apollo City, which is a solid urban commuting machine. Both models feature a BLDC motor in the rear wheel, and both the front and rear wheels have traction-enhancing tires and brakes.


When comparing the features of the two Apollo Electric Scooters, the first one stands out as the more expensive. However, if you’re looking for a budget electric scooter, then you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the second one. The new Apollo City model features a digital readout built into the handlebar. It displays a speedometer, estimated battery life, and riding mode. Although not the largest screen, it’s more than adequate for basic information.


The Performance of the new Apollo Electric Scooter 2022 has been enhanced over its predecessor. The single and dual motor models are only slightly different. The new model is faster and has a higher top speed. The incline rate has been increased, and the scooter is protected from light rain and shallow puddles. It also has a sleek, modern design and can handle hills of up to 20 degrees.

Battery life

The Apollo Explore is an electric scooter that is primarily designed for roadside use. It does not offer off-road functionality, but does have three gear modes, cruise control, and integrated LED lighting. This model also features high-visibility jackets and other clothing for added safety. The battery life of the Apollo is a decent seven hours, but it is important to pay close attention to the recommended charging schedule to get the most out of it.


The Comfort of Apollo Electric Scooter can be compared to riding a car. The scooter is designed to provide the rider with the comfort and control he or she needs for traveling to the office, school, or to a nightclub. Its dual motors are complemented by a powerful electric motor. In addition, the rider will be able to enjoy a smooth ride without worrying about their safety or the safety of other road users. The Apollo Light has integrated lights that are placed on the deck for increased visibility and safety. The lights flash when the rider applies the brakes.

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